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GRFALWKV Book at The Getty

The book GRFALWKV has been included in the exhibition Artists and Their Books/Books and their Artists at The Getty Research Institute. The exhibition features books from The Getty's collection and was curated by Glenn Phillips and Marcia Reed. The show runs through 28 October and includes some amazing work by Ed Ruscha, Andrea Bowers, Anselm Kiefer, et al.


GRFALWKV is a one of a kind book of paintings and drawings. The book measures roughly 24"x18", about three feet across when open. Within the book is a fictional text that owes a stylistic debt to New Narrative. The text is a collection of endings, memories of The Omen, thoughts on a former professor's suicide, anticipation of World War Three, and a section on the apocalypse as an aesthetic event, tying the sublime to the gothic.

A link to The Getty. 

If you can't make it to the show, but are interested in the material, here is a link to purchase the catalog.